Has the season crept up on anyone else? The days are getting shorter, the weather’s getting colder and your green spaces are starting to look a little less green.

Brighten up your garden on even the bleakest of days with our favourite hardy Winter perennials.

1. Camellia

This popular evergreen blooms from Autumn to the beginning of Spring. Its bright flowers are the perfect way to add some much needed colour to your garden when nothing else is in bloom.

2. Firethorn

A hardy shrub with striking red, orange or yellow berries in Autumn and Winter. Can be grown as a hedge or trained up walls and fences.

3. Heather

Winter flowering heathers are perfect for adding colour to your garden: they flower all Winter into Spring. This low growing perennial shrub can be planted in the ground or pots.

4. Hellebore

Aptly named the Christmas Rose, this reliable little plant flowers in late Winter to early Spring. And with a variety of colours to choose from, you can brighten even the shadiest spot.

5. Holly

We couldn’t forget Holly, the festive favourite. Did you know this spiky evergreen is invaluable to British wildlife? Its dense cover not only provides good nesting spots for birds, but the beds are often used by hedgehogs for hibernation in the colder months.
With the smooth leaves at the top providing Winter food for deer, and the berries feeding birds and small mammals, Holly really is a Winter essential!

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