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February 22, 2019
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Nuisance Birds
February 23, 2019
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pigeon control

Pigeon Control: Where did all the pigeons come from?

Noisy, busybody Sparrows, mesmerising murmurations of Starlings and populous Pigeons. There are some birds that have been co-existing with us in urban areas for some time now. In the past we would have eaten pigeons or used them to send messages, possibly enjoying them in a spot of racing. However, today they have become of bit of a nuisance. Increased numbers of pigeons are residing in suburbia because of the attraction of solar panels. Roofs have been transformed. The south and westerly facing panels provide a warm and safe environment for pigeons to thrive. Properties in Poole are well-placed for these desirable green energy alternatives. Therefore, as Property Mangers you may want to consider bird control options to protect your properties. You can bird proof your roof by securing access underneath the panels – preventing pigeons from nesting there.


pigeon control

Pigeons on a roof


Pigeon Control: Pigeons fall into three categories:

pigeon control

Wood pigeon

pigeon control

Ring Neck Dove

pigeon control

What is known as the Feral Pigeon


The Feral Pigeon is our culprit. Already comfortably based in urban environments it is happily adapting to the upgraded residences on offer by recently added solar panels. Pigeons are noisy. Their guano is messy and can spread diseases such as Listeria, E.Coli and Ornithosis. The dust from dried pigeon guano can cause respiratory problems such as Psittacosis and asthma. Communities of pigeons can easily number 30 on one roof.  Guano on your window panes will be an unsightly view.  Pigeons are generally a nuisance. Even if you don’t have solar panels, urban dwelling birds may be using your guttering to nest safely. These nests can  cause blockages with over spills that will potentially damage your property. The resilient Feral pigeon can lay eggs all year round which means they are constantly replenishing their community.


Pigeon Control: What can you do for pigeon control as a property manager?  


pigeon control

Pigeon proofing on a solar panel.


Pigeon control is an option for you if your property portfolio is being negatively affected by urban dwelling birds. The Feral Pigeon is not an RSPB protected bird. It is agreed that preventing access to food supplies and to roosting sites is a better option than culling the bird. By deterring birds from roosting on your property you will take some measure of control of this expanding problem.  For more information contact Chris at Shawyers. He will be able to advise you on bird control solutions for urban dwelling pigeons and how to clear up the mess they have created.