How to get rid of a wasps’ nest

How to get rid of a wasps’ nest.  At this time of year the queen wasp and her workers are busy building a nest that will thrive through the spring and summer. However, this nest will not be welcome on domestic or commercial premises. If you find one and need to remove it, the best advice is to call a pest control professional. They have access to legal insecticides that are not available to the general public. So, how do they get rid of a wasps’ nest?

How to get rid of a wasps' nest

Wasps in a bird house

How to get rid of wasps’ nest: professional method

Wasps will find a small entry hole to a safe space, this is often located under a gutter or a tile. Once this entry route has been found you can take action. Using kit than can reach awkward places a pest control professional can get started. Working with a small spray nozzle attached to the end of an extending rod the professional is able locate the nozzle head to the edge of the nest and spray a regulated pesticide into the entry hole. Worker wasps will pick up the insecticide with their feet and take the pesticide into the nest. When the chemicals reach the queen she will die. The nest cannot survive without the queen and so the colony will die back and eventually the nest becomes safe to remove. Wasps do not return to an empty nest – each year a new one is built in a different site.


Fire Hazard

It is common for a wasps’ nest to be located in a chimney. However, care must be taken here because an abandoned wasps’ nest is very flammable. An empty wasps’ nest can block a chimney and cause a fire. Therefore, whilst the wasps might be gone the nest will still need to be removed and you may need professional help to do this. If the empty nest does not cause a fire hazard, it can be left in situ until the winter when it will be safe to remove.

How to get rid of a wasps' nest

Abandoned nest that has been removed

What if it’s a bees nest?

Sometimes a wasps’ nest can be mistaken for a bees nest. As these essential natural pollinators are key to our ecosystem, pest control professionals will do everything possible to relocate the bees to an alternative site. Local beekeepers are contacted to assist the removal of bees.

How to get rid of a wasps' nest

Bees nesting in a roof

If you need help with the removal of a wasps’ nest please contact Chris at Shawyers.