Shawyers: Pest control in Gosport
Shawyers: Pest control in Gosport
April 9, 2019
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How to get rid of mice


How to get rid of mice. Not all of us want to share our homes with cats, so how do you get rid of mice if you find evidence of them at home or work? Laying traps is the most common method and if you are squeamish then ‘live traps’ have improved over the years. Peanut butter is an effective bait with the mouse securely caught after attempting a nibble. Remember to check your traps frequently and take your mouse a good distance away from your home before releasing it, otherwise it will find its way back. This method works well if you have a new visitor at home or if your cat has failed to dispatch its prey. However you may find that you have a mice infestation that would benefit from professional help.


How to get rid of mice

Mice eating sweetcorn

How to get rid of mice: What the professionals do

For a start, a pest control professional will have experience of dealing with mice. Mice are very adaptable and breed quickly. They are sensitive to sound and movement so you may not have a complete appreciation of the scale of your infestation. A professional will quickly be able to establish a solution. So, rather than let the problem become worse call for advice. A professional will have access to rodenticides that are unavailable to the public and be able to administer them in a safe way. They will also ensure that the dead mice are disposed of correctly. You need to be very careful when using poisons particularly if you have children or pets. A skilled professional will also be able to secure any access holes and proof you’re home from future intruders.


How to get rid of mice

Mouse in a classic mouse hole


How to get rid of mice:Not to be confused with bats


Mice are often found in attic spaces, so you may go and investigate a scrabbling sound to find that you have bats instead.  If you do have bats check out the Bat Conservation Trust here:

How to get rid of mice

Bats roosting in a roof

If you are in any doubt of how many or what type of unplanned visitors have moved into your home, call pest control expert Chris at Shawyers. He will be able to talk through options available to you and solve a pest control problem.