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How to get rid of Bed bugs fast

How to get rid of Bed bugs fast. Bed bugs have co-existed with us for a long time. Archaeologists have discovered what they think are fossilised Bed bugs from the Egyptian era, about 3,500 years ago. They are remarkably resilient pests. I’m not sure which Scientist decided to study how long a Bed bug can survive without food, but it is generally accepted that a Bed bug can last for over a year without eating. Which creates quite a problem if you’re trying to remove them. Bed bugs don’t need to eat daily either and can happily be replete after one feed that will last a week. Once full, a Bed bug won’t necessarily hang around near the source of its food but will retreat to a dark safe place.

Bed bug life cycle

How to get rid of Bed bugs fast

Another factor to consider is the life cycle of the Bed bug. The bug will go through five nymph stages before reaching maturity which takes about 100 days. Once mature the female will lay about five eggs per day, continuously. This equates to approximately 300 eggs per female in one lifetime. Whilst most Bed bugs live for between four to six moths, some can live for years. Therefore, it is clearly alarming how quickly a visiting Bed bug and partner can turn into Beg bug infestation. They are robust insects that have established a successful survival strategy.


How to get rid of Bed bugs fast

Adult Bed Bug



What you can do?

Contact a pest control professional as soon as you spot a Bed bug! A professional has access to chemicals that are not available to the public. Using extreme heat methods such as a 60 degree hot wash will kill the bugs caught up in the laundry. Nevertheless, it is most likely that there are a community of bugs hidden in your room. Bed bugs don’t fly but they are very effective crawlers and can cover a considerable distance to eat. Therefore, hands on experience with delaying with this nuisance pest is worth every penny. A professional pest control expert will know where to find the bugs and how to remove them. Don’t waste time, call Chris here at Shawyers if you think you have a bug problem. He will happily talk though the options available to you.