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June 4, 2019
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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services are incredibly useful – as anyone who has had a pest problem will know. So what do pest control services do? Well the crux of pest control is, you’ve guessed it – keeping pests under control. But how do we go about doing that? Well the issue of pest control has two main constituents the first being prevention and the second removal. Prevention is incredibly important as I’m sure you would agree it would be better to not have a pest problem in the first place! Unfortunately however it is not always possible to stop pests. As species like rats are incredibly adaptable. When this happens removal is used to stop them being an issue.

Pest Control Services


So what ways do we prevent infestations? Again this has several components, but all are joined by their purpose of deterring animals from housing in your property. To survive an animal needs a place to live with access to food and warmth – which isn’t too dangerous. So to secure a building from pests you need to stop any potential pests from being able to access these things.

To ensure there is no food available you need to make sure your property is clean of food waste as this attracts insects, but also have an effective system where your food waste is not accessible to pests. This can be done by activities like placing weight on the top of your dustbin lid. Next you need to remove any potential lair for these pests. Cracks in walls and broken pipes are perfect homes for pests as it provides them with warmth but also protection from the elements, again the solution is relatively easy – identify cracks and broken pipes and fix them. However, a popular solution is to use pesticides to make your property too dangerous for the pests!


Pest Control Services


How can we remove pests for you? The second aspect of pest control has many ways of being realised. For example fumigation, which is where a building is sealed up and gas is pumped inside killing any insects that have found there way in, once they have been removed the gas is safely removed. Another example is wasp nest removal and yet another iteration of this is rodenticide. So as you can see, if there is a pest control problem you are having, not only are there many ways Shawyers can deal with it – but there are many ways to stop it happening again.