Seeing Rats During the Day, this is something none of us want. Rats although occasionally cute when domesticated are anything but that when wild – especially when you’re not expecting them! Fortunately rats being nocturnal this is an unusual occurrence, but in certain circumstances it does happen.


Seeing Rats During the Day

Rats can make great pets, but wild rats spread disease

Stumbling across a rat

If you come across a rat during the day, despite getting a big fright – it also gives you information. Namely that it is quite likely that there is a rats nest of at least 25 rats near you. I’m sure you can see why that might be an issue. There are many reasons rats are shunned: they carry disease and they eat absurd amounts of food (including human and animal waste, which as you can imagine isn’t great for hygiene). If you are peacefully sitting in your garden and see a rat – its probably a good idea to give a exterminator a ring.

Finding rats nests

Now that you’ve seen a rat during the day, its sometimes a good idea to try and follow them. The reason for this is that it means you can try and find if there is indeed a rat’s neat – or just a very confused rat! A rats nest isn’t particularly difficult to identify. However, they can be found pretty much anywhere, so its important to understand the basic structure of a rats nest. This being a long hole. This is essentially the common feature of rats nests, although they do also tend towards being quite well camouflaged.

Finding rats during the day

But what are we to do if we suspect a large rats nest is nearby. But are unable to give ourselves the time needed to stumble across one, whenever this be work, illness or a general preference of remaining inside – the answer is at hand! You need to look around the areas rats are going to be attracted too. Meaning places like your bins, or composters. If you have livestock make sure you check there, or alternatively fruit and vegetables keep an eye on where they are growing. In addition to this if you have a pet that looks suddenly startled it might be worth having a look around for any rats. Its not every day that domestic cats come across rats!

So if you are seeing rats during the day and you want peace of mind. Give shawyers a ring!