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Vegetation Mangement

Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or hazard prevention, vegetation management is simply a necessity.

Shawyers team of tree surgeons have years of experience in vegetation management; from clearing foliage away from power lines, to hedgerow maintenance.

No matter how big or small the job, we always maintain the highest standards from beginning to end. The result? Vegetation that looks great and is far easier to maintain, whether that’s by you, or us!  

Site Clearance

Whether you’re preparing for site development or habitat creation, our arboriculture team is equipped to handle all levels of site clearance in Hampshire. Whatever the size or scope of your project, we can offer a complete site clearance package from removal of vegetation, to clearance of the resulting debris and chip.

Our Site Clearance services include:

Tree felling

– Vegetation reduction / clearance

– River bank tree management


– Chipping

Stump removal  

Estate Vegetation Maintenance 

Working alongside our Landscaping team, we can offer a complete estate management service; covering all aspects of grass, vegetation, hedge and tree maintenance

Looking for some help with vegetation management or site clearance in Hampshire? Get in touch today, or fill out our no obligation online quotation form.