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Dead Animal Removal Services in Hampshire

If you’re in the unlucky circumstance in which you have a dead animal on your property, we’re here to help you. We understand that having a dead animal carcass on your property can be an embarrassing subject which is why we’re dedicated to providing a discreet service to eradicate your issue.

As a family run business, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service. Our highly trained animal removal experts put our customers at ease and provide a quick and discreet carcass removal service.

How do i remove a dead animal carcass?

If you encounter a dead animal carcass, it”s always best not to touch it and section the area off in your home. Dead animals can carry an unpleasant smell and often carry diseases so it’s highly important to keep your pets and children clear of the carcass until it’s properly removed and the area is clean.

At Shawyers, we’ve got years of experience in removing dead animals from properties quick and discreetly. When you contact us, we’ll come out at your own convenience and agree on a time that we will come out and visit the property. We’ll remove the carcass and dispose of it in align with our waste disposal procedures and ensure that your property is thoroughly disinfected before we leave.


Our professionally certified pest team covers Portsmouth, Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. Want to find out more about our Hampshire pest control services? Get in touch or fill out our no-obligation quotation form today! 

Removing Unwanted Dead Animal Smells & Bacteria

If there’s a case where the animal body is decomposing and begins to leave a horrible, lingering smell, we’ll conduct a deodorising treatment on the area where the dead animal has unfortunately passed away. If you believe you’re in need of this treatment, please let us know before we arrive as we’ll need to prepare for this treatment at our premises before we set off.

Here are some of the animals that we are called upon to deodorise:

  • Dead Rat Removal
  • Dead Fox Removal
  • Dead Cat Removal
  • Dead Pet Removal and Disposal
  • Dead Rodent Removal 
  • Other Dead Animal Removal

If you have any questions at all about this service, please let us know and we’d be happy to assist you.

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