Drainage CCTV Survey for Rat Detection

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Have you previously proofed the exterior of your building which has failed to prevent rats from returning?

Have pest control companies failed to prevent rats from returning after dealing with your infestation?

Repeated rat problems in your home or business?

Drainage CCTV Survey for Rat Detection

It’s very likely to be your drains. Shawyers provide CCTV surveys with the ability to record video and still images to confirm if rats past or present have been active in your drainage system. CCTV surveys can also discover how rats are managing to leave the drains under your building and enter your property.

Rats in the sewers

Sewers provide shelter, food sources and have no natural predators creating a perfect environment which has resulted in a large unregulated rat population living within the UK’s sewer system. Rats have long lived within the drains and have often never been above ground or seen the light of day.

How do rats enter your home from the sewers

Rats in the main sewers often travel up the branch lines where your waste services feed to which joins onto your home or business. Drains are often not rat proofed. Rat’s physical capabilities include being able to fit through holes as small as 6mm in diameter, very capable swimmers and can dive into water and enter exposed pipes. Drains are often very old causing issues such as slipped collars and collapsed drains. Building works where plumbing or drainage has been removed, can also be the cause where un-capped redundant lines still connected to the mains or additional plumbing or drainage has been added to the property. Occasionally an extension has been built over a manhole inspection chamber and the correct lintels have not been used to support the weight above causing stress below collapsing brickwork or benching – again allowing rats into your wall cavities which then allows them to move easily around your building. Rats can also cause damage themselves by gnawing through drain lining.

Entry Point Solutions

Our drain survey inspection report will include identifying ingress points, blocking off redundant waste lines, re-pointing benching and installation of non-return valves. Solutions may also include recommendations such as drain liners to seal defects.