Flea, Moth & Insect Fumigation in Hampshire

Fumigation in Hampshire

What is fumigation? 

It’s an incredibly effective way to clear a property of pests like fleas, moths and destructive woodboring insects. 

The process takes place in a sealed environment into which the fumigant gas is released over a prolonged period of time. These gases completely eradicate the infestation in the property. The final stage involves ventilating the space in a controlled manner until it is fit for human habitation again.

Brown House Moth

Why is it necessary? 

Some pests, like fleas, are incredibly hard to eradicate completely due to the way they move around in a property. It takes a split second for a flea to move from one room to another, which makes them hard to pinpoint and target like other pests. Using fumigant gas is often the only way to be sure you have destroyed the entire infestation. 

Is it safe? 

At Shawyers our Hampshire pest control team are fully trained and qualified to perform the process entirely safely. The gases used are toxic to humans, so it’s extremely important you only ever let qualified professionals carry out fumigation on your property.  

Shawyers provides house & commercial property fumigation services in Eastleigh, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke and the wider Hampshire area. Want to find out more about our Hampshire pest control services? Get in touch or fill out our no-obligation quote form today!