Rat & Mouse Removal in Hampshire

Rat & Mouse Removal in Hampshire

Rats, mice and other rodents cause a lot more damage than you might realise. As well as potentially spreading harmful diseases like salmonella & listeria, their feeding habits are incredibly destructive and their nesting habits even more so. But despite this destructive behaviour, it’s often difficult to confirm a rodent infestation. They’re experts at hiding and often not seen until their numbers swell, causing the problem to become visible. 

Mice also have a flexible skeleton which enables them to fit through tight holes and cavities and their breeding rate is extremely rapid; where a female mouse can produce up to 10 litters a year with each litter producing up to 14 mice!

This is where Shawyers Pest Control can help – we’re a professional team of specialist pest controllers based in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

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How can I tell if I have a rodent infestation?  

Mice or rats on your property can be identified in a number of ways; the simplest and most obvious is their presence! If you spot even a single rodent, dead or alive, it could be symptomatic of a much larger problem, since they usually only venture out into the open once space becomes limited (due to an already increased population).

Here are some other signs you may have a rat or mouse problem on your property.



Another obvious sign of a mouse or rat infestation are droppings. Rodent droppings are a sure sign that the population is healthy and feeding… and growing!


Mice in particular leave an unpleasant smell of urine behind so if you’re unfortunate enough to find a particular area of your property where it smells particularly strongly then it may mean you’ve got a mice problem.



Less obvious signs of infestation include dirt or grease marks along walls and floorboards. Tracks can also be seen in grass, so examine your garden for ‘rat runs’ – the paths rats carve out in grass when foraging for food.



Rodents will gnaw naturally on, well, anything. From food containers to cables, signs of gnawing are important to watch out for if you think you might have a mouse or rat infestation.


Dark Corners

The final thing you can do is to check the dark, ignored corners of your property. Rodents will nest in lofts, wall cavities and under floorboards, so these spaces are especially important to keep an eye on. If you have a pet you may notice them paying particular attention to these areas, this is another useful indication that you might have a rodent problem on your hands.


How to identify mice in your property

There are 2 main types of mice that you’ll find in an infestation. If you’re lucky enough to identify them, you’ll see a larger, long tailed field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) which is around 2 inches long and light brown or you’ll see a smaller brown/grey house mouse (Mus domesticus).

However, if you can’t identify the mouse itself, you’ll be able to see it’s droppings. Mice defecate frequently and you’ll often see their droppings (3mm-8mm long) near to food sources, cabinets and skirting boards.


What do I do if see any signs of a mouse or rat infestation?

Although rat poison and mouse traps are readily available for ‘DIY’ use, it is important rodent control is carried out in the most humane way possible. When you set traps or lay down poison yourself, not only can it be difficult to regulate safely, but it’s almost impossible to eradicate the entire infestation this way. 

The best, and safest, way to eradicate a mouse or rat infestation is to hire a professional pest control company. At Shawyers our experience and expertise in dealing with rodent control means you can be secure in the knowledge that the infestation will be dealt with adhering to the highest professional standards, in accordance with the BPCA’s guidelines.


How will Shawyers deal with my mice or rat problem?

Before anything, we always evaluate the scale of the problem. We’ll look at certain entry points and determine how we can stop mice or rats from entering your home. Once we’ve completed our survey, we’ll be able to see how big the problem is and which steps we’ll need to follow to completely eradicate them.

For mice, treatments such as wires, traps and fillers for small scale problems can work fairly quickly and if you’ve got a bigger problem, we can fully proof your loft space.

Rat treatment on the other hand usually require laying baited traps that are targeted specifically at the rats and require us to return for a few follow up visits to ensure the problem is eradicated.

If you have a problem with mice or rats in your home or you’re not sure, please give us a call and we’ll come and take a look for you.

Shawyers offers pest control services across Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Winchester and the surrounding areas.

So if you have a rodent infestation in Hampshire our local team is perfectly placed to handle your problem quickly and efficiently.

If you suspect you have a mouse or rat problem, get in touch today! Our friendly team is on hand with expert advice, whatever your query.