Wasp Nest Removal in Hampshire

How can I tell if I have a wasp nest on my property? 

If you’ve noticed an increased number of wasps in or around your property, then it’s extremely possible that there is a wasp nest nearby. 

From May to October it’s important to watch out for active nests, at the height of the season wasp numbers in a single nest can swell to well into the thousands. Which can be potentially dangerous, and incredibly disruptive for anyone living or working nearby.   

Wasp removal Hampshire


What do I do if I find a wasp nest?

Once you’ve identified a wasp nest, it’s important you don’t try to tackle the problem without consulting a trained professional. Wasps are extremely territorial and disturbing a nest yourself will almost certainly lead to being stung; which, as well as being painful, can cause dangerous allergic reactions.  

At Shawyers our BPCA certified staff are trained to handle wasp nest removal in Hampshire, efficiently and most importantly, safely. 

Looking for wasp nest removal for your business or commercial property?

We specialise in wasp nest removal for commercial premises, restaurants and schools in Hampshire. When it comes to public spaces we understand just how important it is to deal with a wasp problem quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on the general public or your potential customers.

Shawyers pest control department covers all areas of Hampshire, meaning no-one is better placed to tackle wasp nest removal in Portsmouth, Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. 

Got questions about wasp nest removal in Hampshire? Give us a call! Our friendly staff are always happy to answer your queries. Or take advantage of our no obligation quote form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!