Getting rid of rats in Hampshire

Getting rid of rats in Hampshire

Getting rid of rats in Hampshire. The Common Rat, Brown Rat, or Sewer Rat likes the same sort of environments that we do.  They have been living alongside us for most of human history. So it will come as no surprise to discover that there have been many different methods used throughout the ages to deal with this nuisance pest when it invades our habitats. Some of the first stories we hear as children talk about our relationship with rats.


Stories from the past

Think about the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the rat-catcher employed by the Mayor of Hamelin in the Middle Ages to deal with an infestation of rats in his town. This story is based on real rat catchers, as it is thought that the rats would have been drawn to the music and onto the river where they drowned. So, there were people whose job it was to catch rats, with the help of whatever they could find.


Animals to help catch rats

Getting rid of rats in Hampshire

West Highland Terrier

Given that man’s best friend is his dog, it’s a natural conclusion to make that dogs would be bred to catch rats. Therefore in America there is the Rat Terrier. However, over here we have a range of Terriers including Cairn Terriers, West Highland Terriers, Norfolk Terriers and Jack Russell’s. These animals have been used as working dogs to hunt rats.

Getting rid of rats in Hampshire


Ferrets also have a history of helping us to control rats. Today they are used to contain rabbit populations following strict guidelines and laws. However, in the past they would have been used for rat catching. The Wessex Ferret Club offers useful information on working with Ferrets.

Don’t rely on your cat. A domestic cat can be a reliable mouse catcher, but unless you have a well-built Tomcat your feline companion is unlikely to be able to dispatch a family of rats.


The 21st Century

In our modern world we have Professional Pest Control Experts with the tools of the trade to remove rats effectively and efficiently. Animals are no longer required to kill rats and risk getting injured in the process. A female rat defending her young will cause considerable damage to any creature sent into remove it. If you have a rat infestation problem and you want to get rid of rats quickly call Chris here at Shawyers. An experienced Pest Control Professional will be able to solve your problem quickly.